Okay so you have a mobile/cell/GSM/my cutie or whatever you want to call it but should you let it take over you.I mean there are people on this planet besides the ones on the other side of the line.People have become so inconsiderate to the surroundings and others around them that they simply dont even bother to excuse themselves.

The other day a bunch of us were going for a walk around campus for whatever reason.You know we are generally talking and discussing our weird theories.It was just going fine till one of us recieved a phone call and stopped mid-way in his sentence to attend to it.No 'excuse-me','SORRY' or anything else.He just picks up the phone and starts walking more slowly,still with us and yet just far away so we dont hear what he's talking about.Now the rest of us dont know what to do.I mean we were in a discussion after all and it had ended abruptly.Also we are kinda interested in the other person's conversation.I mean c'mon you can't help being a little curious.So now there is complete silence except for his yapping of course and we just walk around aimlessly like zombies.

When the dudes call is finally over, he comes back and tries to join in our eerie silence again.Again,there's no 'sorry folks' or anything of the sort.What do we do?We are all feeling angry cos obviously our relaxing walk had become a zombie oneand we felt like idiots.But we couldnt yell at him cos we knew what he would say like this-this person had called yaar,long time since I spoke to her/him and all that crap.

So basically we end up being the frustated lot.He's happy cos he's spoken to some long distance dude and had fun while we just whiled away our time.I think that people should develop some sort of mobile manners like keeping calls short or attending to them when no-one's around or at least when no-one is bothered about you.

Almost everyone I see in India has a mobile even though the census says that the teledensity of the country is like 9% blah-blah.But with all these mad people going about screaming into their mobiles/cells/GSM's/cutie pies, life becomes very difficult for the person sitting next to you in the train or bus,standing in front of you at the queue or maybe even walking with you in campus.

I think there should be an instruction booklet with the mobile providing info on basic mobile manners and how you must adhere to them.Cos very soon people are going to sue saying that your talking too loudly on your mobile/cell/GSM/cutie pie made me lose my hearing or made me hear my conversation less and thus screwd my deal or some shit like that.SO i think its high time people learnt mobile manners.

Ill give them a few tips if they want.