Thats the name of the new fast-food/restaurant thats opened up in our small town and man its good(apparently the owner decided to give his own name to the place a.k.a Tendulkar's,Ganguly's etc etc).Its the only restaurant in this godforsaken place that serves decent South-Indian food.There is another thela(street vendor) who supposedly sells good stuff but the sight of this dirty dude with drives me away though I must try him someday.

But less of him and more of the food.I tasted Masala Dosa after months and it was fried in sexy butter and the smell of that was just amazing.Then there was the lovely idly( mouth is watering again).And to top it all of Onion Tomato Uttapam with a thick crust.(Heaven!!!)I know most of you people will be amazed at the way I am wowing over the food but I get excited the most at the sight of good food(havent really had the sight of a sexy female so till then this tops my list).And if its south-indian then you know you have a maniac on your hands.We ended up a little a short of cash and had to mortgage our Identity cards to foot the bill.The cash counter dude was happy with the kind of collateral he got(apparently the flimsy I-cards we carry are quite a deal) and was more than happy to give us credit.It was then that a thought struck me.What if we could eat all we like and pay him when we like?Sounded really cool and he too was happy(obviously he didnt know that we would pay him when we like).Anyways much to the amazement of the waiters, all of us ran back to our table, ripped open the menu cards and and ordered a fresh new meal with all the stuff we couldnt have earliar cos it was too expensive.The waiter was totally amazed at our appetites and the kind of noise we made until the food arrived.He came back every two minutes alternately getting us something we ordered and asking us to keep quiet.

Dinner's done what bout dessert?We decided to go to this ice-cream place called 'Gay-Lords' simply bcos he is the only person who gave students credit.(Some because they like the sound of the place and feel like they are goin to some gay only club)But sadly the khusad Budda(stingy old b*****d) owner of the place was in and he was in no mood to relent.So we had to pay up but not without losing out dignity.We paid him the entire 50 bucks in coins and that too most of them in 2's and 1's.It was definitely a site.Showed him sumthin didnt we!!

But otherwise a great meal and a strong recommend to anyone.

On a different note, some of my friends tried dope.Stuff called 'Sulfa' in local parlance.They stuffed it in an empty cigarette and smoked it but didnt feel a thing.No high, no dizziness and no fun is how they put it.Later someone else told them that it could have been and in all probability was cow-shit.It seems its a big racket to powder cow,lizard,rat shit and sell it as Dope.Seriously guys shouldnt try all this stuff unless its branded.But do they sell branded grass?I guess not at least in India.Probably a good bussiness oppurtunity,anyone interested?50-50 joint venture.(the govt would probably allow unrestricted FDI also so all you people outside also can pool in)