No, this dosent have anything to do with the Incredible India campaign or have any expert gushing about India's huge economic potential and its booming middle class, though I must admit that that is one of the most popular thing being talked about everywhere around me.

Anyways this is more to do with the epic, Mahabharat. I recently heard the entire version in a good, sequential and concise manner from one of my friends. Earliar it was always my grandmother or the serial on TV which was my source. But invariably I only got to hear a few stories or managed just a few episodes and never got the entire story.

Once I had a wholesome view, the first thought that came to my mind was probably the fact that the entire reason for our country's present outlook and all the ills etc is probably this epic.Now I dont know how much of the story is true and whether it was actually a reflection of society as it was then but surely it is one of the most degrading epics I must say.It talks about five men sharing a wife and later talks about each of them going on and having many more.It shows the levels to which a teacher can fall to help his pet discipile.Heights of Nepotism.It talks of weird class and social practices.It talks of WAR and special weapons years before the world wars.

And now when people in the west have series of divorces and endless number of wives we frown on them.We talk about our culture and the familial values inherent in it.And depite all that we still consider the Mahabharat as one of our sacred epics.Why are we such a hypocritical society?

This blog does not means to offend anyone but is just an expression of an individual's viewpoint.