Its been a long long time since I have been active but now I am back. For how long lets see.
There was a lot going on with Semester Exams, CAT Exam, Final Year Project presentations and what not. And there are some more to come in the next 10 days or so.

But for now lets enjoy the moment- I have put in 2 days of decent sleeping hours, have watched a couple of movies- A picture docu called Baraka- awfully boring but awfully good and some kind of youth gang-comic-movie based in New York called The Warriors. Its supposed to be a 1979 flick but it was quite nice- and by nice I mean it didnt make me fall asleep.

Will be going to Chandigarh tomorrow for a couple of days with my good old buddy whose Birthday it is tommorow. So lets hope we have a bash about that and hey man and very very happy 21st birthday. But sorry you still can't lgally drink in India.

I know I am just yapping here cos thats just what I feel like so ignore everything above and below this line while you read.

On the recent developments front, Pawar beat Dalmiya, he chucked out all the selectors who selected Ganguly, he put in place three people who havent played cricket ever and now Ganguly dosent know what he's gonna do. Imagine going from being Captain in one test, scoring a century albeit a poor one and then carrying the drinks trolley in the next. What a life huh?

Another development, they are opening Armani hotels in India too. In a country where more than a million people sleep on streets, another million or two probably have no food and another couple of million havent had baths for months together, they are opening a five star hotel with kick-ass designer bathtubs, fucking 1000$ towels and even gold plated door knobs. I am just thinking of what will they fit in the bathtub that will be so designerish- probably suction pumps, plungers and plastic dildos etc etc in all the right places for the right kinda pleasures. But of course all this will be discrete cos you know they are rich people and they are not into all that. But guess what we are perverted indians after all. We will find a way to fix cameras in their bathrooms and then make MMS clips of famous and not-so-famous celebrities and then distribute them all around showing them on our latest handsets and how technologically advances we are.

P.S.-If any of you guys get such videos don't forget you read about it here first.