I am sitting in front of the computer terminal after having made the long trek from my room to the Computer Centre in the chilly winter of Roorkee and I am blank. I don't know why I came and I dont know what to write about. So I decide I will go through some other blogs and get inspired. There were some great ones which very interesting to read. There were some that I had read for the first time but made an instant connection and they were so beautifully written. I dont know when my blog is ever going to look like that.

But comin back to my misery, I did find some interesting topics on which I do have some views and as I am about to pen them I realise isn't it something like plagiarising? I could defend myself saying that I was inspired but what's the point.

Then I look around at life in general, hoping I could find something to write about but nope. There is nothing interesting thats going on. I am stuck in college during winter vacations where there is no one around, its too damn freezing cold to go out and there is no place to go out either. Again nothing to write about.

Well what else is there to do than snuggle into my comfy, cosy rajai and enjoy 10 hours of heavenly bliss. So catch you guys later.zzzzzzzzzz