I have just started watching FMA.It stands for Full Metal Alchemist.Its a anime made by the Japs I guess.Its about these two brothers who practice the art of Alchemy and their adventures.You have to continuosly read the English translation written below but the story is pretty exciting. But watching these kind of cartoons really made me remember my old times.So here's a post dedicated to the good ol' times.

I remember the earlier days when I used to watch a huge load of cartoons at home and enjoyed a lot of them. It was like a sort of after-exam ritual for me. The exam used to get over at about 10,reach home by about 11, get a plate of freshly steamed idlis with some gunpowder, a carton of orange juice and put on Cartoon Network. There used to be a whole lineup of amazing shows starting with Speed Racer, Scooby Doo, Captain Planet and then slowly as you wind your way to lunch we have the incredible duo of Swat Cats. By that time my bro also used to come along and then we could watch Tom & Jerry together.

Those were some really good shows that I enjoyed. But now I miss them. Firstly I don't have a T.V. and whenever I switch on the Cartoon channel in India, its always dubbed in Hindi and then the entire thing becomes shitty. They call the Swat Cats as Chota Meow and Bada meow. Man that is so lame.

Going back a few more years, two of the greatest T.V. shows I ever remember were Wonder Years and Small Wonder on Star World.These were shows that used to come on thursday and friday afternoons when I could watch it without any parents around and not be embarrased about the smooches that they used to have. I did not wat my parents felt about all that at that time but somehow I felt they would'nt like me watching it. I mean we never used to do that kind of stuff in our normal lives. But anyway those were some of my earliast exposures to the 'American way of Life'.

I wish I was a kid once more.