I have noticed lately how much I enjoy my big, 20rs packet of Lays. In fact it has become kind of an obsession. Whenever I am pulling an all-nighter, I invariably go through an entire packet and that too quite easily. It does not matter that the damn thing contains zillions of calories, or the fact that potatoes make you fart a lot. Be it an interesting movie or another series of episodes of FMA or just an interesting novel, I need my packet of Lays by my side. I can't say that I have not been forewarned. After all their ad campaign says 'No one can eat just one". But who takes those things seriously and any way I am way past the one stage. I can't stop at one chip, one packet or maybe even one crate.

I have had so many of them that I even know the Nutrient information and the places of manufacture written at the back of the pack byheart. And it no longer matters to me what flavour I am having. As long as I get my hand on those damn chips. Earliar I used to root only for the Green pack- Sour cream and onion and I also used to look at my wallet and then decide on the purchase. Now it's like I ask Masoom bhai(our canteen dude) for the packet and then look into my wallet. If the cash isn't there then its time for debt management and if Masoom Bhai is in a good mood which is generally the case then I open a tab. And he does not mind either. In fact he is pretty nice. I thik he understands how crazy I am or he is probaly scared I will attack him if he denies me my Lays.

I am now planning to carry out a chemical examination of every damn chip in the packet. I am quite sure they have some addictive stuff like caffeine etc. There can be no other explanation. So it's time now to turn to Google the God and find out some information. Maybe I will find some information to drag them to court and produce a hallmark judgement. But for now lets search for some verdicts in Individuals vs. Big Corporates cases and get inspired. Maybe as an out-of-court settlement they would give me an entire lifetime supply of Lays free. Make that Green Lays pls.