It's the title of a really nice Bollywood movie that I just saw. I am not kidding it is a Bollywood movie and it is nice. Starring Jimmy Shergill and a new female I don't know but I do like and the Kashmir valley.

Its a sweet romatic movie set in the valley of thorns and guns and bombs. The first half of the movie is all mushy, mushy but with serious overtones. There's this scene in the local market where the female is kinda teasing the hero and its all fun until she runs away and he calls out her name loudly. Then there is this sinister silence and she tells him not to ever do that again or she will be raped. There is a fatwa against a local girl romancing a military officer. There are some nice scenes like this and the setting is amazing. The backdrop is really beautiful, serence, pristine and BHAM! all hell breaks loose. It was amazinf to know that we do have such places in India and sad to know how its been destroyed.

In the second half the director returns to the fold of Bollywood and there is some unwanted publicity stunts for NDTV but it's something you can live through. Overall a definitely good watch. The female lead looks really cute and innocent and I don't know if they actually shot it in Srinagar but it's very beautiful.

It's not that recent a movie so try to get it on DVD or VCD. But watch it.