Well I first started thinking about this on New Year's eve when my good friend, bong told me he thought that hi5 was sexist. There is a section on the first page of hi5 which shows the 'members in your network'. They show a collection of about 6 photographs. But he found that always these were those of girls. And this happened not just once but every time.

I didn't give it much of a thought then but I have recently been noticing the same too. I don't remember ever putting in such a request when I signed up. I also don't know if this is true for girls as well. Are there photos of hot, handsome hunks who are part of your network when you open up your first page?

Now, I don't want to sound gay or anything but I would also like to look at the guys in my network too. Not that it is gonna make a huge difference but still maybe I find someone I know or maybe I don't want to look at hot, sexy females on that particular day. They should always present a mixed picture, how do they know what my preferences are????

Well I will think of suing hi5 later but there are more serious concerns to address now. I just found out that my other bong friend Mr. Ganguly got thrown out of the team for the 2nd test. Mr Dravid says that he was just plain unlucky. Now this has serious implications for Mr. Ganguly. He scores 40 and 48, a somewhat decent performance in the 2nd test against the South Africans. Then he is dropped from the 3rd test and that is discussed by everyone in the parliament to the local fruit chaat wala in my hostel. Then there is this huge surge of public opinion and with a little help from Pawar uncle he gets back into the team and also gets selected for the 1st test. Matters are all rosy with Chappel Don also and he gets to be a part of the 11 as well.

But Inzy shaitan had other ideas. He prepared a hell of a wicket and Mr. Dravid and Sehwag-gully ka gunda looted all the plunder leaving my man with nuthin. Now I hear he is dropped again and so arises the question, now what does he do? Is there goin to be another huge uproar?- I don't think so this time around because it's really not that easy to get people worked up twice on the same issue and besides my fruitwala didn't even mention this when I went to him today. So definitely ruled out.

Next option, call Dalmiya uncle. Doesn't seem to good cos he is nowhere in the picture anymore and also my man did the unforgivable thing of switching camps and talking to Pawar uncle. So Dalmiya becomes a strict no-no.

Next option, call Pawar uncle. He will be probably floating around in Baramati and since he has already done him a favor once, will just tell him to go to hell.

Next option, beg and plead and touch Chappel Don's feet and that too in front of a camera which will then automatically leak the coverage to the media. Viable and Don bhai will definitely get a kick out of it. Keep this as an option dude.

Next option, ummmmmm..................lets see ................................ get back to domestic or county cricket and score some huge double tons and a take a few more of those blinder catches and then make a grand re-entry as the captain of the Indian team. Throw Don bhai out, get Wright bhaiya back and make merry once again. Bah......!!!!! Who am I kidding, never gonna happen in a century.

So for now the goal is Chappel Don's legs and the media.

P.S.- Was Ganguly the twelth man by the way? I could not find this information and my fruitwala wouldn't tell me. I hope he didn't have to suffer that?