I wake up this morning and suddenly the thought of my blog comes to my mind. I start thinking of my 5Mb in this world. And I realize whatever it may be I am gonna post one today. But what do I write about-

1. A hopelessly boring movie I watched over the weekend which was so shitty I actually cried for my 100 bucks. Maybe these multiplexes should introduce a money-back guarantee. If you don't watch the movie, all your money is refunded. That would be so cool.
2.The fact that I finally had a bath after I don't even know how many days.(for all those who are imagining me covered all over in grime, let me enlighten you on the Law of Nature in Winter. The rate of all the activities in winter is directly propotional to the temperature except for sleeping which happens to be inversely propotional. So don't judge me, I am just following the law.)
3.A stupid exam which asks me what clerosisophobia, hypopicomicophobia, temerislcoriphobia and assophobia are and also asks me the spellings of words that I could later not even find in the dictionary.
4.That I can't hear very well right now because of just a few girls whom I was standing beside started screaming at a level of 240 dB and that too without warning. I managed to save my classes before they started cracking but sadly I cannot say the same about my ears. Oh! Why were they screaming? Because some dude called John Abraham had come to visit the mall and do some promotional shit for his latest movie. I really didn't understand what all the brouhaha was about. The dude was pretty normal, a little above average you could say, had not shaved, worn tattered jeans and had hair even messier than mine. Fine okay he might give an impression of being hot but do you have to scream for that. I mean why doesn't everyone behave and be cordial people. Why can't they just have a normal conversation with him instead of just screaming. How difficult is this:
Screaming Girls: Hi John
John: How you doin?
Screaming Girls: .............
Screaming Girls: ..............
all the screaming girls fainted and left us with some peace.
And what was even worse, there were these huge, muscle bound, tight T-shirt clad Punjab-da-puttars standing next to their respective chix and they were screaming too. Now this was the time I seriously started questioning my virility. Should I also start jumping up and down and scream "John, O John......" And did I do it, well that is another story.

I am sorry getting back to the update:

5.Well there isn't anything more to write bout I guess. My life isn't all that happening I see. Maybe I should hang out more often with the Punjab-da-puttars and get one of those Silver Bangles they wear. I think that's why they have all those chix drifting around them. Maybe it's like some magnetic field attractor which interacts and invites the magnetic vibes of the female sex and brings the two fields closer and hence all the fluttering. Maybe they custom make those depending on the kind of magnetic field(a.k.a. chick) you want to attract. If anyone know of people who make such things, please don't take all of it for yourself, pass some on to less fortunate people like yours truly.