Yeah so 2006 is here. But I am guessing what is so new about it? Why is it that everyone is so happy wishing everyone else? Why does everyone rush to their cellphones the moment they finished their countdowns and started calling, sms'ing or waiting for the same things? I mean what is the big deal.

We moved from one year to another. The date that appears on your mails, on the top of your notebook or wherever else changes, then what? Nuthin much I am thinking. You go back to work, I go back to studying, someone else goes back to begging and so on. But for that one minute countdown, quite a few people stop, make some stupid resolutions they are not gonna keep, look at things in the past that they cannot change or even they do want to: can't.

So then I am guessing it's just another excuse to waste money. I for one blew 500 bucks to spend the night at a camp by the river Ganga, I spent 500 bucks to shiver to my bones and be happy with my drunk friends, not have the services of a toilet the next day but usher in the new year under the stars. Some other people blew away millions of dollars to watch gunpowder bursting on top of Sydney Harbor, still other braved huge, sweaty, smelly crowds and lotsa money to see some crazy ball dropped in Times Square, like they had not seen balls falling. They fall all the time man. When Sachin hits a six, when Ronaldinho scores, when some baski dude dunks, they are everywhere. Okay then its probably got to do wit the height it falls from and the fact that its falling on New Years. Big deal, throw a meteroite from the heavens, crash it in the middle of a desert and that too right on time, that will give the people sumthin to be happy about. What say?

I mean the things it takes to amuse people. I guess as apes we were so awed by the freaking craziness around us that we did'nt much else. Then as we grew, we got better things to amuse ourselves: cars, women, mobiles, gadgets and god knows what else. Now we have reached such a place that we need innovation in amusion. I dont even know if it is grammatically correct. But that is what we are headed to. Anyone have any idea where this is headed?