He was the guy I saw my first porn movie with. He was the guy who could so effortlessly laugh at himself. He was the guy who would get into the weirdest of situations and still be able to laugh, grin whatever he did and display his huge array of white teeth.

I remember calling him "Unni" once in school. I didn't really know him then and didn't know that he was actually called Arun in school. He was embarrassed but took me in all the same and made me feel really great. He was one person who made me feel really proud of being Mallu. Till then I used to shirk at being called that but after I met Arun, I was proud.

I just wish I had better kept in touch with him, when he was in Dubai or when he was in Cbe. But I did speak to him once and I felt like nuthin had changed at all. I dunno where his parents are or how his sister is doing but I ask GOD to make them strong in these tough times. And the only question I want to ask GOD is WHY? Why when he had just turned 21? Why when he was going to just graduate? Why when he was just going to take his first job? WHY? WHY? WHY?