This was a question that I have always dreaded over the years. Every time the 14th of Feb approached, people for no reason whatsoever would suddenly come up and ask me this question. And for some reason I just couldn't get a girl (or guy) to ever be my date on Valentine's day. But all that is history now. Yes people, let me introduce you to Meena, my date for this year's valentines day. How do I know her? Well she has been living with me for the past two years along with a couple of her friends and we got along pretty well. So this time around, I mustered enough courage to go ahead and ask her out. And what do you know, she actually said yes. She is nice and great company too and being Valentine's day and all I was expecting a ball. So here's what happened. OOPS! forgot to mention the details, her stats, she is a bit on the scaly side.....well quite scaly actually and she can hang upside down and all but yeah everyone's got their specialities right, so what if she's a lizard??

Anyways, so here I was all set with a borrowed candle, an old cap full of cobwebs(good luck charm), a nice bottle of wine for me and plain moisture from the air for her. Well getting her to agree to the date and location was the hard part, I mean she was all choosy and stuff and jumping all around my room but I finally managed to lure her with some effort on my part to my somewhat crowded study table. Well how I did it, it's all in the technique I say. No roses and lilies for her, a little over the top you see but a good collection of the best scents, some good luck with the cap beside me and some crooning love songs as well. So now the mood was set, we were there staring into each others eyes, well actually I was staring into one of her eyes since I find it difficult to stare at both at the same time. Anyways that's when I discovered that I was missing some Music.

The great DJ that I am I had managed a few love hits of Kishore Da and had already started swinging to them when all of a sudden she goes berserk. Starts wiggling her tail and running helter-skelter. I stop the music and she was fine again. I tried some rap the next time around and what do you know, she loved it. Okay so she was a fiesty little one, Meena but I kinda liked that. So with Eminem cursing in the background, we got down to dinner. I had my packet of lays for me and she had the spiders all to herself. We did chat a little in between, it was mostly me all the time and she used to just nod along you know. Very shy kind of person I think, but I was having fun. I told her about how lonely I feel on V-day and how this has been the greatest date of my life ever. She seemed to really like me. I told her of how I write some infrequent posts and the web in general and she got all excited. In fact she started wiggling her tail again and got all excited. Maybe she wanted a mention in here and that's why this blog is dedicated to her. Anyways, we then got on to dessert and now there were moments you know when you feel all alone with only the person in front of you and Baby B crooning in the background:

Ek Main aur Ek thu hain,

Aur hawa main Jadoo hain,(all the wonderful scents I had used!)

Arzoo bekaboo hain,

Samjho saare baath baki.

It was like the song was made just for us.

Well what more can I say, everything was perfect. We continued talking till late into the nite and as she left, she gave me one of the best gifts that a man could ever ask for. She actually left a part of her with me. How touching and what a nice gesture, sumthin to remember her by.

That was the end of my V-day date and for all you perverts out there who are wondering what happened next and if I caught some action or not, all I have to say is "respect the privacy of the woman people".

But there were some hints that another date might be in the offing. She left behind a part of her with me guys, thats got to mean sumthin. I will keep you informed about our relationship as it progresses, if it progresses but till then please pray that it does.