It's been a million years since I last posted something here. There were one too many things happening in life and some of it still continues. There were times where I sat in front of the terminal checking mails and deciding that " Yes, today I will post something" but somehow it just did not happen. Well here is a little of what I have been upto.

Holi Break : The first time in four years that I stayed back in the hostel. It was not out of choice but because of my visa not arriving in time. Its been 8 months or so since I have been home and the next time I go there it's going to be only for a week or 10 days at most.(I am Sad)
But it was the first time I actually played Holi, got wet, got colored and went hungry for the whole day because everything in a 2 mile radius was closed. But yes it was nice to dance around like crazy and be completely insane and nobody would give a damn.

The Kashmir Valley: Yes I actually managed to visit one of the most militarised areas on Earth and come back in one piece. There were a couple of us who had decided to go to Jammu to visit the Vaishno Devi temple(as a trek and not a pilgrimage). Enroute we found out that Srinagar was only 300 more kilometers from there and we were like what the heck, let's go for it. We ended up bunking a few days of college but the Kashmir valley was definitely worth it. I would not want to disclose much cos I would like to follow this up with a travelogue with the photos as well. I do not know when that post will come but I assure you it will.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell: an initiative that four of us started with an aim to establish an E-cell of the likes of IIT Bombay and others. It's been a really hectic time with lot and lots of stuff to do especially because we have just started out and have got to do all the groundwork ourselves. Well we are currently in the process of organizing an Entrepreneurship Festival on April 22nd and 23rd for which our flagship event is Samadhan. I would request all of you to go through this and give me an insight into what you think. Since it's an online initiative, I also welcome all of you to submit entries as well.

In other news, I received my offer letter from Qwest Software Services whom I am going to work with in Bangalore this summer. It sounds really exciting and hopefully I will get to rock Bangalore.

I look at my blog and it looks so boring and outdated. I hope that it doesn't remain so for long. I would like to keep posting as often as possible but.........