Yes that's old I am. I don't know if it's really that big a deal but at least everyone made it out to be.

I got kicked six times on the trot and not only on my precious buttocks but wherever they could get their shoes, slippers & sandals too. It's painful to be 21.

I also got a pleasant suprise the next morning when a charming lady calls me up to wish me. She woke me up just in time for class and I am grateful to her for that. Not good to bunk a class on your Birthday right. It was nice talking to her after such a long time and I am glad she called me.

Got to talk to my Dad and Mom and Bro only late in the night cos of the stupid Airtel Lady who kept blabbering that I didn't have enough balance. Can't they make a concession at least on my Birthday.

A lot of people wished me and it felt nice. I am grateful to all these people because I am a lazy bum and forget people's birthdays and dont wish them at all. But I guess Orkut does have it's advantages.

Looking forward to my 22nd year on Earth.