The summers are here. And I am hating every moment of it.

Contrary to what is generally portrayed in the movies, novels and umpteen sitcoms the summers are not the great season that it is claimed to be. At least not so in India.

I should not be one to complain having spent close to 17 years of my life in one of the hottest places in the world. But things were different there. Everywhere you go, it would be air conditioned. The house, the car, the class room, even the taxis(though some of the more miserable ones had their windows rolled down). So no matter how much you sweat, there is always the thought that you would end up in a cool room at the end of the day and can put your feet up and relax.

In Roorkee, things are very very different. You wake up in sweat, then take a shower to make sure you are clean, then you start working on your project and all the associated running around and sweat again. To remove this stickiness, you have a bath again before lunch but of all the things that can happen, the electricity conks out and the moment you are out of the shower, you are sweating again. You don't have the courage to take another shower, so the deo comes into action. It becomes a little pleasant after the sun sets but all hell breaks loose after that. You want to keep the doors and windows open so that there is a good air flow but the F!@#$%G mosquitos, flies, bees and every other assortment of insect alive in the world finds refuge in your room. The situation turns so bad that by the time you are in bed, it's like you are sleeping in the jungles of Africa with insects and worms jumping all around and sometimes even on you.(I would like to dedicate an entire post to the insects and bugs in Roorkee but that will have to wait for now)

So what do you do to escape all this? Rush to the Computer Centre(which is air conditioned obviously) where you update your blog with your frustrations. But NO! You are not given peace here either. The administrator warns you that time is running out and starts his own countdown. 60,59,58,......

Now what? YES! Let's head to the SBI ATM which is cooled by two split A/C's and is not frequented at night either by customers or by the watchman. If I take my mattress along, I can probably shack up for the night. The last time I checked there weren't any security cameras in place, so this may well turn out to be my new address. The only thing I have to do is figure out a way to put off track all the people who might want to withdraw money at that dastardly hour and probably take care of any couples who might want to get cozy. Well I will surely think of something and all suggestions are welcome but for now the ATM beckons. "DO NOT DISTURB"