Till I am able to setup my PC with a decent net connection, I will have to rely on the Snippet way of updating my post. This is the first in the series.

  • Finding an appartment in B'lore for Rent is tough. Especially if you are not willing to shell out money for a broker. Over the weekend, I did a status check on the realty scence in B'lore and oriented myself with how things work here. If you want to find houses, then the ADMAGS and other free ad magazines is the best way. But if you want a decent appt. then you have to go to a realtor.
  • Watching a movie is one of the toughest things to do in B'lore. You have to book a ticket well in advance because of the scarcity of screens and the high number of techies who have nothing to do over the weekend.
  • Visting malls is a scary experience no less than travelling by local trains in Mumbai. It is so crowded, you have to actually keep track of your belongings every 5 mins. And the crowd is not as cosmopoilitan as I expected it to be. I like to go to a mall and listen to conversations in Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Punjabi and maybe even French all at the same time. I don't know why this appeals to me so much but that's what I like about Mumbai. Here, in the malls almost everyone speaks in English or Hindi with a smatterring of Kannada here and there.
  • The Radio in B'lore is weird. Radio Mirchi plays Hindi Songs mostly while the entire conversation and stuff takes place in Kannada which I dont follow. So if I want to listen to a few songs to pass the time, I have to bear with the absolute mumbo-jumbo which happens in between the songs. And can someone please tell me what "Sakat Hot Maga" means?
  • I am waiting for my lazy friends to join me in B'lore so that we can finalise a place and get started with things. In the meantime if any of you have ant tips, hints to share they are most welcome.
I guess this snippet ends here as well as the weekend. It's almost impossible to get any work other than "official work" done over the week. I am looking forward to meeting some old friends over the next weekend, so something to keep me going. Wait for Snippet#2.