I was going to write a small post this time too but something important in life has happened.

I received MY FIRST PAYCHECK!!!!

I was expecting to get a call from the payroll section asking me to collect my month's wages. I would enter the cabin and this elderly, father figure like person would beam down at me, congratulate me for working so hard and hand me my first paycheck. It would be a white envelope simply addressed to me.
Of course it would also be thick, bursting at it's seams with all the rokda befitting the sweat and blood that I have put into the job.
I would come out to my own workstation while my colleagues crowd around me, some admiring, some giving me those envious looks (which I will enjoy all the same). Once I reach my desk, I would slowly hold the letter-opener and in three elegant strokes open the envelope.
Lucre, that's what would be in front of me. Lucre for all the benefits in the world. Lucre to go that night's disco party. Lucre to buy your own bike. Lucre to give to your parents for all that they have done for you.

Well what dreams one has when one is young, innocent doesn't know how things work in the world today.

In this day and age of internet, e-commerce and what-not the simple joys of life are just completely forgotten. My money was transferred to my stupid bank account electronically and I was not even in the picture the whole time. I got a mail later saying that this was done on the last working day of the month and here I was expecting a grand event. It is so sad. I had to go to the Stupid bank ATM, stand in a long line and finally in the secluded loneliness of the ATM booth, view the amount that had been transferred and that's that. I wanted to shout with joy, celebrate with friends and party but this optic fiber invention has just ruined all that.

But I still did my bit, once I saw the balance, I screamed, jumped up with joy and did a little jiggle. Couldn't continue it though cos the security dude was getting suspicious and advancing towards me. So that too ended prematurely.

What a SAD, SAD thing technology can be sometimes.

P.S.- For all those wondering what I actually saw on the ATM screen, well some things are best kept secret in this technology freaked place.