This post is dedicated to my new bike, the TVS Apache. She's about 500 kms old right now and riding well, very well.

Here are a few pics:

A little touch up using Picasa!

The Backside

The Frontside!


P.S. It was really painful deciding on which bike to buy and I have done a lot of research and in the process discovered some really nice portals on the net which are really awesome. One of them is MouthShut. People write a lot of reviews out here and detail their experiences with various products. Since it's a public forum, you have to be careful about which reviews seem authentic and which are bogus. But its a place you must check out before buying anything.

Another site which totally impressed me was, a site dedicated to bikers in India. Their forums are very active and any query or trouble that you have get replies within minutes. I trust these guys more than my mechanics. So if you own a bike in India, this is a must visit for you.

The guys from Xbhp are also out on a Great Indian Road Trip which seems like such a wonderful idea. Their blog is updated here and here and makes for good reading.