I am officially a member of the Metblogs site in Bangalore and am expected to contribute at least three posts a week. Anyone who has been through my blog will know that it's not going to be a piece of cake. Anyways it seems like a wonderful reason to go around Bangalore and learn more about it.

See my first post on MetBlogs here.

On other fronts, the current weekend was absolutely rocking. I finally met up with some of my school buddies, people whom I had not seen in over 6 years. And one thing really surprised me. It was so easy to chat up with them all over again. There were no awkward silences and pauses where no one knows what to say and you endup staring at each other. I was actually dreading that such a situation might arise but somehow it never happened. Thanks to all you guys.

The odometer on my bike read 317 kms this morning. That's how long I have ridden my bike in a week and it has been absolutely amazing. There have been various close shaves and in fact even a small crash. But C'mon that was to be expected wasn't it. It's the first time I am actually rising one of these beauties. Anyways I had got myself a TVS Apache and I call her the Black Beauty. Till I am able to upload pics of her those who are curious can visit here.(pls ignore the sad music that plays in the b/g)

On a sad note, one of friends suffered a gash on his chin after falling into a open manhole in a public toilet. By God's grace the wound seems to be healing and the Friends doing good. Just that he can't speak all that much for a while. Guess that gives him an added incentive to blog.
So people please look down while walking or riding and make sure that you also do not befall the open manholes.

P.S.- Ms V has started a wonderful new blog for all those who have been in ISM and you can check it out here.(this may not be relevant to all you others but what the hell you can also check it out and get the traffic volumes up and going)