Believe it or not, this is the first tag that I am actually tagging along with(I didn't know any other way of saying it). I was tagged by Kishor who resides in Muscat and otherwise here.

I a’m thinking about:
How I would look like riding on my new 150cc Bike (dunno the exact model yet).

I said:
That I like my women plump.(refer previous post)

I want to:
Travel the world and get paid for it.

I wish:
That I had won the Bad English Contest. Could have used the crossword voucher.

I hear:
The sound of the flush as my roomie does his thing.

I wonder:
If I will be able to write a book and get it published.

I regret:
Not asking out the wonderful girl in high school who actually liked me. Damn!

I am:
Bored to death right now.

I dance:
when everyone else is drunk and I am not. That way no one remembers.

I sing:
like Himesh. Whenever and wherever possible.

I cry:
when someone offends my mom. Irealizedd this very lately.

I a’m not always:
in my undies!!!!
( just kidding)

I make with my hands:
soap sculptures

I write:
when I can't say the same things face to face.

I confuse:
Coke and Pepsi. It's sweetened colored water after all.

I need:
a girlfriend. Right now.

Okay as is the normal procedure with these things, I further impose a post consisting of the above tags on the following people:

Ms. V

I guess that's enough misery for now.

P.S.-The start to my day was absolutely fantastic. I tune into Radio City as I await the bus and the first song they play is Himesh. Thanks you Rohit and Vasanthi.