I am going home. Though its only for like 10 days but still Sweet Home Muscat. So I have one additional excuse for the fact that my Blog is so quite.

On other fronts I finally got myself registered on Placement Online after about 2 days of intermittent trying. And going by the look of things my placement process is also going to be the same. I will probably be appearing for like a dozen interviews and then some software company will have pity on me and take me in.

Well bags packed, clothes to wear decided, music and book in hand and all set to go. Just that I have six more hours left and I have nuthin to do but sleep. And that is the one thing I dont want to do cos then I will miss moi train. So if I keep blogging tomorrow again then you know I didnt reach home.

So here's hoping there no more bloggin for another 10 days.