What a week!!!!
It's getting crazy at work now that I have shifted to my new house and spend close to two hours commuting on Bangalore's crazy roads. The training has also got that much more tough with mini projects everyday because of which I have not been able to update this page. But here's what happened last week.

  • I slept in six different beds for six nights in a row. Well on one of those nights, I slept on the floor, so its actually 5 different beds. But yeah I was a vagabond and it was fun. Skipping from Service apartment to Friends house to Hotel room to something I am not going to disclose.(it's a little too embarrassing!).I even turned up for work in the same clothes for the last three days cos I wasn't carrying around a change.(I don't know how the others put up with me).
  • I have been writing way too much code. So much so that I have started putting a ";" after every sentence I write. I have had to go back and delete the semi-colons in this post.
  • I finally found a very nice apartment. 3 BHK(Bedroom,hall,Kitchen) which is fully furnished and at a very very affordable rent. The place is a little far-flung but once I get my own bike, it's going to be pretty easy to commute.
  • The house is very dirty. Me and my fellow roomies have not been able to find a maid to clean it. We are too lazy to do the same. We also have not been able to get a broadband connection. So this Snippet business continues.
  • I am looking at all the bikes zooming past me on the streets trying to judge which is best. I have started doing the rounds of bike dealers looking for the best deals and trying to understand all the jargon like pickup, torque, mileage and what-not. For those of you who are not aware, I am a complete rookie in this area. I have never driven a bike, and so don't know much about them. If any of you have any comments or suggestions about which is the best and why, they are most welcome.
  • I spent last weekend walking up and down M.G.Road after visiting a Gaming Expo which didn't live up to my expectations. There seems to be a dearth of things to do in B'lore over the weekend. I don't mean loafing around the malls, watching movies(which are very highly priced by the way!). I also don't drink or smoke so the huge number of pubs mean nothing to me. So anyone out there who's got some fun activity, I am all game.
Phew!!! got to run and catch that stupid BMTC bus. And will someone please tell them that there exist people in B'lore who can't read Kannada and it would really help if the destination of the bus could also be mentioned in English. Thanks!!!